Born on the 15th of March 1960 in Bayshore Long Island N.Y,

Childhood wish was to become an Artist.

Living currently in Germany,self employed, Atrtist.

Exhibition  List

Leonard Te Nyenhuis  Exhibitions


1976„Scholastic Art Award“ Winners in der Proctor Munsen Museum, Syracuse, New York 1978 Group Exhibit Drehr Park Zoo, West Palm Beach, Fla. 1984 group exhibit Norton Museum Cutchogue, N.Y. 1986 Group Exhibit Art Assoc.of Riverhead, N.Y. 1987 Group Exhibit Suffolk County Community College, N.Y. 1987 Winner of „The American Dream“ Contest S.C.C.C., N.Y. 1990 Group Exhibit Apfelhaus Galerie, Osterjork 1990 Solo-Exhibit Apfelhaus Galerie, Osterjork 1996 Group Exhibit K.V. Glinde in Gutshaus Glinde 1996 Solo Exhibit in Gutshaus Glinde 1997 Solo Exhibit „Neue Galerie“, E.K.Z. Langenhorn HH 1997 Group Exhibit „FormART“ Glinde 1998 Group Exhibit„Malerwochenende“ in Reinbek 1998 Group Exhibit K.V. Glinde im Gutshaus Glinde 1999 Group Exhibit in San Sebastian, Frankreich 1999 Group Exhibit „FormART“ Glinde 2000 Group Exhibit „Kulturtage Mümmelmannsberg“ 2001 Solo Exhibit in the EMPORE Buchholz 2001 Award „Artist Show Place“ West Palm Beach, Fla. 2002 Group Exhibit"Web Tower", Berlin 2002 Solo Exhibit"Billstedter Kulturtage", Hamburg 2002 Group Exhibit "Polnische Kulturwoche", Buchholz 2003 Group Exhibit "ORTUNG III" in Schwabach 2003 Group Exhibit Kaposvar, Ungarn 2004 Winner of Design Competion Kokus eV.Allermöhe, Hamburg 2005 Solo Exhibit Canteleu , Frankreich 2005 Particapent„Tsunami Memorial Design Competition“ 2009 Group Exhibit „Aurakure“ Bergedorf  2015 Group Exhibit „art in Buchholz“ ,from 1999- 2016 Solo Exhibit Art Association Buchholz 2017 Group Exhibit „Kunst in Buchholz,Duell Exhibit Kaposvar Hungry 2018,Group exhibit Artbox, N.Y., 2018 Solo Exhibit Gallery Levin,HolmSeppensen,2018,Solo Exhibit  Stadtbibliothek Buchholz 2019,