Here are  different things I have been doing or have done. Creating Art is exciting and there is always something to discover that interest me.

This was made  from air drying clay,after a painting.

This was made with holographic foils.It changes as you walk by it.

48 x 110 x 7 cm These colors seem to vibrate and cause illusions. The idea came after taking pictures of a defect television,not from Gerhard Richter .

About wave lengths of light...60 x 100 x 3 cm wood.

This work is about reflected light.

Here we see the painted side.

This is a T.V. Screen it changes as the t.v. does. 

This is a pig on hard foam approx.60 x 90 x 4 cm

an experimental multi level piece dealing with reflecting light and kinetic movement etc..

63 x 80 x 12 cm canvas ,paper, plastic , wood

52 x 74 x 15 cm Painted on several layers of glass with small spacing.It can be viewed from both sides.

A sculpture done with reflected light effects. Plastic and wood.

Thousands of wood blocks glued together.This was made to show the effects of opposing colors.

A dead apple tree that was colorfully painted,it was in my backyard.

A 6 x 6 ft map of the city of Schwabach,in front of a golden parabolic mirror,the cut out is  painted on the back side.

This tree was subject to many artistic experiments.

It was even gold at one time.

This was made from an old cypress stump.

An idea for a tree.

This is a 70 meter long tiled wall that was designed to add some color and dynamic in an opened area.

The Colored Wave

Done with strings,the pictures changes from all positions including the back side.

A piece of bark

The root of a pine tree that has been cleaned with a pressure washer and painted.

Also from a pine tree, they grow flat because they were under a driveway.

This is flat because it was growing underneath a driveway.

Foam Board made to look like wood.
Foam Board made to look like wood.